Content Brainstorm Workbook

Download this guide and never run out of content ideas again! We'll walk you through the process of defining your customer avatar, what business you're really in, and what you want to be known for. Then we'll share dozens of prompts to get the brainstorming started.

Who are we?

Kim and Abby are the mother-daughter team behind Iris Digital Media Group. We help small businesses turn their products and passions into profits with our Vision to Visibility Business Growth Method. 

Kim has worked in sales, marketing, management, social media marketing and lead generation for 30+ years. She's an author, podcaster, runner--and "mom" to four dogs.

Abby was practically born with a camera in her hand. She was a YouTuber before video was cool and built a devoted Twitter following while still in middle school. She has a BFA in acting and lives in New York City where she is waiting out the pandemic so she can perform on the stage again.

We believe everyone has a story to tell and that you can use that story to attract new customers, make powerful connections and convert them to lifelong customers. 

Download this guide, and let's start creating content that connects and converts!