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At Iris Digital Media Group, we're committed to helping businesses like yours succeed online. 

We work with speakers, podcasters, dreamers, world-changers, and small business owners who want to use their voices to make a difference in the world. 

We'll help you start that podcast you've dreamed of,  create an online course, promote your offers on social media, generate leads, and stay in touch with your community... while making everything work together as part of one unified strategy.

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We create graphics, videos, audiograms, and more

do you need to be using SPF?
plan the day or the day plans you
how to choose a hair stylist
Harder to let other people down than it is to let yourself down
May your coffee be strong, your SPF stronger and your Monday short
I don't do drama, I do skincare

We manage social media accounts, write newsletters, produce podcasts and design lead magnets

Glow by Coley

Glow by Coley

Esthetician in Oklahoma City

Visit her Instagram.

debono dog behavior

I'm Changing the Narrative

On a mission to inspire people to use their platforms for good, while living out their purpose, all while focusing on mental health and soul care. Visit on Instagram

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Kim and Abby, a mother-daughter content marketing team ready to turn your products and passions into profits.

We produce podcasts, create social media campaigns, and help clients identify passive revenue streams.

We love social media, content creation, email marketing, podcasting, video marketing, photography, lead generation, course creation & more. 

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