Go From Camera-Shy Thought Leader to Confident Impact-Maker

You know you should be using video to market your business...

but you can't seem to pull it all together. You have a lifetime of knowledge, and it all falls out of your head the second you hit record. You break into a sweat. You freeze. You don't know where to look, and you're afraid that posting the video will hurt your credibility.

In this FREE, 3-HOUR MINI COURSE, we will help you get past the worry, and the tech challenges, and help you plan what to say so you can show up as the expert you truly are.



Build your business with video, even if you're camera-shy, tech-challenged, and don't know what to say.
I'm Ready!

Overcome Your Fear of Video in this FREE MINI COURSE.

If you want to grow your influence online, you need to start using video in your marketing. In this five-day bootcamp, we'll work together so you know:

  1. How to gain the courage to show your face on camera,
  2. How to get comfortable on camera.
  3. How to create a plan so you always know what to say.
  4. How to record, even if you're filming and editing alone, and
  5. How to get past your worries about the tech.

By the end of our five days together, you'll have what it takes to create your first video--and the courage to actually share it!

We know you have what it takes to shine on camera. Let us help you show up as the super star you are.

Step 1

Sign Up for the MINI COURSE

STEP ONE: Sign up for the free mini course. You'll learn WHY you should use video in your marketing, HOW to come up with endless topics to discuss, WHAT equipment you need to get started... and how to do it all even if you're camera-shy and tech-challenged.


Step 2

Watch the Daily Videos + Do the Work 

STEP TWO: Watch the daily videos and record your thoughts in the workbook. We'll hand you the steps to get started using video, and we'll break it all down into manageable steps so you can take action without becoming overwhelmed.


Step 3

Check Your Email Each Morning

STEP THREE: You'll get one email a day for 5 days with reminders, assignments, and videos that will teach you how to gather your thoughts, find your courage, and start creating videos to use in your marketing.


What You'll Receive:

  • Learn how to get past all the beliefs you currently have that are keeping you from using video. (No, you don't need to have an editor, a fancy camera, or the perfect hair and make up to create video that leads to sales!)

  • Identify and develop your key points so you can always speak on camera any time the opportunity arises. (Do you ever get stuck when you have a chance to speak at a networking event? Have you had challenges pitching yourself for podcasts? To you freeze when someone asks you to describe what you do? This will help!)

  • Learn a framework to quickly organize your thoughts so you can speak on camera -- or even "go live" and have it all make sense without rambling or losing your audience. (This will help you remember what you planned to say, and it will have your audience hanging on your every word!)

  • Find out what tech you need to make it easier--but only when you're ready! (You don't need more than your phone to start!)

If you've been putting off creating video content, this mini course is exactly what you need!

We'll help you come up with content, get past all mental blocks keeping you from showing up on camera, and at the end of the 5 day mini-course, if you put in the work, you'll have video content to share on social media, and a plan to create more!

Yes! This is exactly what I need!

Meet Your Coaches, Kim and Abby!

Kim and Abby are the mother-daughter team behind Iris Digital Media Group. We help small businesses turn their products and passions into profits with our Vision to Visibility Business Growth Method. 

Kim has worked in sales, marketing, management, social media marketing and lead generation for 30+ years. She's an author, podcaster, runner--and "mom" to four dogs.

Abby was practically born with a camera in her hand. She was a YouTuber before video was cool. As a child, she had stage fright so severe that she hid in the bathroom when her class had "auditions" for roles for an in-class play. She went on to get a BFA in acting, and she lives in New York City waiting out the pandemic so she can perform on the stage again.

We believe everyone has a story to tell and that you can use that story to attract new customers, make powerful connections and convert them to lifelong customers. 

We are ready to help you become confident on camera! 

Kim Peek and Abby Peek

It's time to build your business with video, even if you're camera-shy, tech-challenged, and don't know what to say. You've got this!

I'm Ready to be Confident on Camera!