What We Do

We help world changers, speakers, course creators & podcasters create a content marketing strategy that will help them become recognized thought leaders, increase sales, and create connections that lead to opportunities and revenue. Using our Vision to Visibility Method, we help you turn your products and passions into profits.

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Who We Work With

We work with entrepreneurs and small business owners who have big ideas about making the world a better place who are ready to take their visibility to the next level using video, audio, social media, and other content marketing strategies.

We can help you develop a strategy, provide coaching to take you from reluctant video creator to on camera superstar, produce podcasts, create social media content, and more. 

Whether you're a solopreneur who is just getting started, a brick and mortar business owner, or the leader of a lean sales organization, we can provide coaching, content creation and done-for-you/done-with-you services to help you shine a light on your brilliance. Are you an agency needing to outsource? We've got your back too!

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Social Media Influencer

Hello, I'm Abby Peek.

I was born with a camera in my hand and have created content my entire life. I have a BFA in Acting from Oklahoma City University, and I moved to New York City to pursue acting two months before the pandemic started. 

I started my first YouTube channel in elementary school and made videos for entertainment long before TikTok was cool.

I like to perform, travel, explore New York City with my pup, and experience the many cuisines the city has to offer. 

I'm your video and social media expert and on-camera coach. I'll make sure your content projects confidence and expertise, and shows your brilliance.

Kim Peek - Iris Digital Media Group

Hello, I'm Kim Peek.

I have over 30 years' experience in sales, marketing, and management, with a passion for social media marketing, content creation, and video marketing. I'm on a mission to bring the human element back to the sales & marketing process.

I am the host of the Power Up Your Performance Podcast, a show that explores the champion's mindset and helps women use movement as a catalyst for change in their lives as they think, feel, perform, and live like champions.

I'm also a runner, triathlete, breast cancer survivor, running coach, dog mom, and author. Abby and I are a mother/daughter team, combining our expertise to deliver profitable results for our clients.

I would love to connect with you on LinkedIn or on any of our social platforms. You can also send me an email. I'd love to get to know you, network, or help you with an upcoming project.

And I'm Iris.

Abby and Kim may be the brains and the talent behind this operation, but I'm the inspiration around here. I have lived with Abby throughout college in Oklahoma, back to Kansas, and now in New York City. I like to play at the park, chase squirrels, and go to parties with my friends. 

You'll see me on our social media accounts, and I might bark some orders from time to time.

How We Work

Go from invisible expert to high-profile thought leader when you work with us. Increase your visibility and get the recognition your ideas deserve!



Strategy Session

It all starts with a strategy session that helps us understand your goals, the resources you have available, and the time you have to commit.

We won't push you to do all the things at once. We want you to succeed, so we'll work with you to come up with a plan you can manage. We believe some is better than none--and done is better than perfect. We'll help you find balance in your plan.



After the strategy session, we'll make our recommendations based on the challenges you're facing, and where in the process you're getting stuck. We want to help you create content consistently so you make an impact. We'll help you identify where you need support so your content creation is on point.


Coaching, Creation, Courses

There are a number of ways to work with us. While some businesses will need full-blown video production services, others will need on-camera coaching or help getting their tech lined up. And others will need help with social media graphics, or getting their videos into the correct formats for social media.

We support you where you are, whether that's coaching, courses, or content creation.