We help creators and communities makeĀ meaningful connections between people, places, and products.

Influencer Marketing:

Unlock the Secrets of Influencer Success

Are you fascinated by the world of influencer marketing? Have you ever wondered how people make money on platforms like Amazon, or how to secure lucrative brand deals? If you aspire to become an influencer and monetize your online presence, our Influencer Marketing CoachingĀ is designed just for you.

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Podcast Coaching and Production: Elevate Your Podcasting Journey

Are you passionate about podcasting? Do you dream of creating an engaging and professional podcast that captivates your audience? At Iris Digital Media, we offer comprehensive podcast coaching and editing services to help you refine your podcasting skills and produce high-quality content that stands out.

Podcast Consultation Two Week Intensive

Two Week Intensive:

Work one-on-one with us to go from concept to completed podcast in record time.Ā 

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Profitable Podcasting Pathway:Ā 

Our self-paced, online course that will teach you all you need to know to get started and do it all yourself. (Be one of our EARLY BIRD users as the course is being created and receive a hefty discount through 4/30/24. Use the code EARLYBIRD)

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Podcast Production and Editing

Podcast Production and Editing:Ā 

Have an existing podcast? Reach out and let's talk about our planning, production and promotional services.Ā Ā 

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Virtual Audio Tours: Unveil Hidden Gems and Iconic Sites with Story

Elevate the visitor experience, boost engagement, and leave a lasting impression when you offer audio tours. You'll engage with your audience in a whole new way as they explore your destination at their own pace, discovering hidden gems and iconic landmarks. Perfect forĀ convention and visitors bureaus, wineries, historic communities and landmarks, parks and rec departments, museums,Ā art galleries and farmers markets.Ā 

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We get itā€”sometimes all you need is a little nudge in the right direction. Maybe you're trying to pick the perfect thumbnail for your YouTube video, decode Etsy's algorithm to boost your store, or figure out the techie bits for Apple Podcasts. It sounds like you could use some quick, expert advice to light your way.

We're all about helping you kickstart your digital adventure, and we've cooked up just the thing. Our approach is all about giving you the kind of support and guidance that's as valuable as it is practical. Let's dive in together!

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