Why Your Business Needs a Mailing List

mailing list podcast Aug 11, 2022

Your business needs a mailing list! If the antics over at Instagram haven't freaked you out, let this be your wake up call. Your business success should not be dependent on the whims of the social media giants. We've coached our clients, and now we're coaching you... social media is great, but put the majority of your focus on things you can control.

 Why Your Small Business Needs a Mailing List

  • You can’t rely only on social media. Your favorite platform could disappear tomorrow; you could get locked out; and the percent of your audience that sees your posts is getting smaller and smaller. 
  • Instead, put your efforts into platforms you own, like: your mailing list, your website, a podcast, or your blog. 


A Mailing List Helps You Take Control of Your Message

  • You control the message, the frequency, and whose inbox you land in 
  • Communications from your mailing list mean you can stay in touch with outgoing communication that doesn't rely on the algorithm.  
  • You're not hoping people find you or that you show up in peoples' feeds.
  • The people on your. mailing list have already expressed an interest in some aspect of your business. 
  • Your lead nurturing emails will move buyers through the decision process - from unawareness, to awareness, to interest, to action.
  • And, it's a way to develop closer relationships with your audience / customers.


How to get people to join your list?


How Do We Promote the Offer? 

Share the information or the link in these places:

  • Email footer/signature
  • Printed on your business card
  • Podcast show notes
  • Ads in your own content - like in your podcast or on your blog and website
  • Being a guest on others’ podcasts
  • Social media posts about the offer
  • Social media ads
  • Pop up forms on your website
  • Email after a purchase (Example: sign up for our newsletter and get 25% off your next purchase)
  • Speaking engagements - QR code from the stage
  • Make your emails so helpful that people share them
  • Don’t forget about Pinterest
  • Social media Link in Bio
  • Pin the offer to the top of your social profiles that allow pinning
  • Include a header image about your offer on social platforms that have cover/header images



They're On My List. Now What????

Once you’ve delivered the initial information you promised, continue to nurture your audience. This means you continue to send emails, usually a series of emails that you've created in advance that guide your audience through a thought process or the customer journey.  

  • Have a great welcome email - deliver the product/offer, thank them, remind them of the benefits, tell them what they need to know, share additional resources, etc. 
    • TIP: Don’t start off selling! You could put an ad for your products in a download, or mention it in a later email, but don't sell... YET.
  • Introduce yourself and include social proof - (testimonials, stories about the success of others who have worked with you, etc.)
  • Each freebie or lead magnet should have 2-4 emails in the series in addition to the initial email that delivers the product/item
  • Have a purpose for each email; provide value
    • Inform and educate - teach them how to do something
    • Give industry updates
    • Provide social proof, testimonials, case studies
    • Answer FAQs
    • Let them know you understand their problems and they are not alone
  • Offer a demo or consultation or discount code


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