TEXT: Reality Bites: Crafting a Reality TV Podcast with Your  BFF

Reality Bites: Crafting a Reality TV Podcast with Your BFF

audio marketing podcasting Feb 22, 2024

Imagine combining your love for reality TV with the joy of spending time with your bestie. Now, picture turning those lively discussions, debates, wine nights, and dissections of your favorite reality shows into a podcast that captures the hearts of fellow enthusiasts.

You can combine your passion for all things reality TV and pop culture with your love of podcasting! Here are a few ideas to get you started.


The Power of Friendship in Podcasting

The chemistry between best girlfriends is special, often filled with inside jokes, shared experiences, and an understanding that goes unsaid. When you bring this dynamic into a podcast, especially one centered around the communal experience of reality TV, it creates an inviting atmosphere that listeners can't help but want to be a part of. Your genuine reactions, differing opinions, and mutual respect provide a captivating foundation for engaging content.


Ideas For Structuring Your Reality TV Podcast

Episode Recaps: Dedicate each episode to recapping a reality show episode. Dive into the drama, the laughs, and the unexpected moments, offering your unique takes and insights.

Themed Discussions: Occasionally, step away from standard recaps and explore broader themes within reality TV, such as the portrayal of relationships, competition dynamics, or the impact of reality TV on society.

Listener Engagement: Incorporate listener questions, polls, or predictions into your episodes. This not only increases engagement but also builds a community of listeners who feel like they're part of the conversation.

Special Segments: Create special segments that reflect your personalities or interests. For example, "The Real MVP" segment could highlight who you both think won the episode, while "Reality Rewind" could revisit classic reality TV moments.



Getting Started

Choose Shows You Can Get Excited About: Select reality shows that both of you are passionate about and that have a large following. This ensures a built-in audience and keeps your discussions authentic and enthusiastic.

Define Your Roles: While the natural flow of conversation between friends is a key draw, defining roles can help structure your podcast. One of you could focus on leading the recap, while the other could spearhead listener engagement segments. Whether you decide ahead of time, or choose to wing it, you'll eventually fall into a comfortable rhythm.

Strive for Quality Audio: While the content of your conversations is the heart of your podcast, clear and pleasant audio quality will help you retain your listening audience. Do some basic soundproofing to ensure your audio is clear. While you can record right off your phone, any efforts you take to create high quality audio will pay off.

Promote on Social Media: Use social media platforms to promote your podcast, share behind-the-scenes content, and interact with your audience. Platforms like Instagram and TikTok are great for connecting with fans of the shows you discuss and for joining broader conversations about reality TV.


Combine Passion and Friendship with Podcasting!

Creating a podcast with your best friend about reality TV shows combines passion with friendship, resulting in content that's as enjoyable to create as it is to consume. Your shared enthusiasm and unique perspectives offer listeners an engaging and relatable experience, drawing them into the world of reality TV with fresh eyes and ears. Whether it's the dramatic entrances on "The Bachelor," or the love triangles on "Love is Blind," your podcast can become a go-to source for thoughtful, fun, and compelling discussions.

Grab your mic, call your best friend, and start the reality TV podcast that you've always wanted to listen to.


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