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podcast Jul 28, 2022

We've recently launched A TON of free and paid resources designed to help you use digital marketing, social media marketing, and content marketing to make your business more profitable.

First, we have a newsletter! The Digital Marketing Lunch is a newsletter to fuel your marketing, nourish your soul, and energize your efforts. If you like the information we share, please forward to a friend and ask them to subscribe via the form on the bottom of this page.

We recently launched our podcast!!! On The Digital Dreamer Podcast, we share strategies for escaping the suffocating 9 to 5, achieving financial independence, having the freedom to do the things you love, and contribute to the greater good... all by being smart about digital marketing. You'll get a social media tip of the week, learn about social media strategy and content marketing, and be inspired to keep pushing toward your dream life.

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And, we created a FREE GUIDE for you! We know the uncertain economy has a lot of people looking for additional income streams, so we put together a free guide to teach you how to create and sell digital audio products. Make money selling information products! The upfront costs as a creator are low, and you'll be able to execute on this idea quickly.

Social Media Tip of the Week:

Are the constant algorithm changes and Instagram updates causing you stress? Instagram, especially, has made a lot of changes in the past week. A few things to remember:

1) Stay calm and adapt. Change is part of life.

2) Have a back up plan. 

Two sayings we find ourselves repeating often are:

"Don't put all your eggs in one basket," and

"Don't build your business on rented land."

The social media platforms are fickle, and what is popular today can vanish in an instant. Your back up plan should include being on as many social platforms as you can manage with the time you have available. AND building your business on a platform you own. What assets do you have more control over than social media? 1) Your website, 2) Your email list, and 3) Your podcast

We'll keep teaching you how and showing you why on our podcast, this newsletter, and in our membership group.

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