Video Marketing Trends for 2021

Powerful Video Marketing Trends Your Business Should Implement in 2021

video marketing Dec 20, 2020

COVID-19 rocked the business world and changed the way we do business. Many restaurants, gyms, and personal service businesses have struggled to remain open, and smaller retailers have found it difficult to compete against big box stores and online sellers like Amazon.

  • In 2020, sales teams were suddenly grounded and had to learn to conduct sales calls via Zoom. 
  • Major conferences were canceled or went virtual.
  • Fitness classes went online.
  • Dance studios quickly learned how to teach (and make money) in the virtual world.
  • The entertainment industry halted production, found new streaming platforms, and is slowly learning how to provide "live" entertainment (like performances from our favorite comedians and musical theatre performers) virtually.

All of these things shine a light on the trends that will affect the way your business uses video marketing in 2021.

  • As sales teams remain grounded, webinars and sales videos will become more important. Spending time in person with a client or prospect is invaluable, but travel hasn't always been a good use of time. As sales teams get better at selling and developing relationships virtually, they will spend less time on the road. Not every conversation warrants flying, overnight stays, extended time away from the office--and time away from family. Sales teams will continue to improve the way they present, sell, share information, and connect virtually.

  • Online summits and virtual conferences will replace in-person conferences. Once we return to traveling, companies will evaluate their travel and conference budgets and send their teams to the conventions that deliver the greatest benefits. Online summits, virtual conferences, and masterclasses got GOOD in 2020, and they will only continue to improve. One benefit of going virtual was that, without travel expenses, attending conferences became affordable to many. We may see even more conference opportunities pop up, or associations host two conferences each year (one virtual and one in-person) in addition to adding streaming options to in-person conferences.

Check out Video Made Easy for our tips for getting started with video.

  • We will see more online entertainment and networking opportunities as industries hurt by the pandemic look for ways to get their people working again. We're seeing this as HBO Max streams Wonder Woman 1984 beginning on Christmas Day and offers the Warner Bros 2021 new releases on the same day they hit theaters. Comedians, Broadway performers, and others in the entertainment industry will tap into new and innovative ways to create their own work and share it with a virtual audience.

  • We are still eager to connect and will continue to connect virtually. That means showing up for conference calls and online school with cameras on. It could mean virtual social hours, paint and sip parties, and online game night with colleagues and friends. And it will mean an increased use of video for connection: sending quick Vidyard videos to explain a topic or to share updates with clients and coworkers, more meetings via video, and increased use of video on social platforms to develop trust and connection.

  • The social media algorithms will continue to push marketers to use video. A frequently-cited statistic from Cisco says that by 2022, 82% of all consumer web traffic will be video. Social platforms like video because video means "more time on platform," which means viewers continue to interact with content, which means more ad revenue. If you want your content to get attention on social media, you need to use video.

  • It's time to get on TikTok. TikTok is not all bikini-clad, dancing teenagers. As more people use TikTok, we're seeing all age ranges using the platform for business and entertainment. The beautiful thing about TikTok is that it quickly learns your preferences delivers you content based on your viewing habits. If you watch a lot of dog videos, or cake decorating videos, or positive mindset videos, that's what will begin to show up in your feed. Plus, viewers can follow hashtags to make sure they get even more of their favorite content in their feeds. If you've ever wished you had gotten in on Instagram or Facebook in the early stages, this is the sign to get on TikTok while it's new and growing.
  • Clubhouse will drive people to your other content where they can deepen the relationship with you and your brand. As Clubhouse gains traction, new influencers will be born--and people will be eager to interact with those thought leaders outside of Clubhouse. They will flock to your YouTube, IG, and LinkedIn videos and other content where they can continue to learn from you. Clubhouse can be a nice top-of-the-funnel introduction to your business, and you can keep moving your new connections through the buyer's journey with the experience you provide in your video content. (See our guide to getting started on Clubhouse)

 Which of these trends do you see your business jumping into for 2021? Video is not going away and will continue to be even more popular in future years. When you're ready to make video work for you, talk to us if you need help with planning, production, editing, or scheduling.




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