Why your business needs a video marketing strategy

Why Your Business Needs Video Content

video marketing Dec 15, 2020

The pandemic may have us consuming more video than ever as we spend our days glued to Zoom calls and binge-watching our favorite shows on Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+. But even outside of work and the need to escape with streaming services, consumers are crazy about video. And, this is good news for your business. 

When a potential customer is searching for products or services in your business category, does your business come up on the first search page?  Would it help if potential customers knew more about your business before they interact with you for the first time? Would your team book more sales appointments if potential customers got to know you a little better?

Video breaks the ice and is more engaging than the written word. It also helps your website rise to the top in search and show up stronger on social media. (We all want to beat the algorithm, right?!)

Here are a few more benefits of using video in your marketing strategy.

Video is engaging and makes your message memorable. In addition to catching the viewer's eye as they scroll through social media, viewers retain 95% of a message when they see it in video. When it comes to complex topics, video allows for self-paced learning. Video can provide context and demonstrations, giving the potential customer greater understanding of how the product or process works.

Video builds trust and opens doors. If you've ever had to cold call a prospect, you know this is true: It's hard to get an appointment with a cold lead. However, if a contact has interacted with you on social media, or they've seen your informative videos on LinkedIn, they feel like they know you--and that makes them much more likely to agree to a meeting.

You don't have to be a video marketing expert to get started using video for your business. Ask us how to get started!

Improves your rank in search. We all wish we had customers flocking to our business. Fortunately, Google can do the work for you--when you are doing the things that help you rise to the top in search. Updating your website with blogs on key topics, consistently adding videos and resources, and keeping your content fresh will help your site get noticed.

Video helps customers make purchasing decisions. Video content helps the customer understand more about your product or service and can help them determine if reaching out will be a good use of their time. Your videos can live on your website to answer a variety of questions from FAQs, to explanations of your onboarding process, to introductions to key players on your team.

Video shows off the personality of your business. Why stick with flat descriptions when you can bring your business to life with video? Inject personality. Show off your wild side. Go deeper and show what sets your company apart--and do it uniquely with video.

Video helps potential customers get to know you better. Do you have a unique way of doing business? Are you an expert in your field? Content marketing gives you a platform for sharing your message in a way that helps people see you as a thought leader--and the use of video takes that up a notch. People want to do business with people they know. Help them get to know you when you incorporate video into your content marketing strategy.

Video can address sales questions 24/7. Never lose a lead because you weren't there to answer a call. Consumers are used to buying and researching on their own time. Business is no longer limited to 9 to 5 on weekdays, so make sure they can access the information they need with informative and educational videos on your site--plus eBooks and blog posts that help them on the buyer's journey.

People are crazy about video, and you need to be part of the action! Video isn't going away, so if you're not actively using video in your marketing strategy, you're missing out on a tool that will help your business grow.

  • According to Google, YouTube reaches more 18- to 49-year olds in an average week than all cable TV networks combined.
  • Daily viewership of YouTube videos equals 1 billion hours daily.

Learn how to get started with video marketing. Whether you want to create your own, or want it done for you, we're here to guide you!

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