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Before You Go Viral, Create Your Freebie! (PODCAST EPISODE 9)

mailing list podcast Aug 18, 2022

You've worked hard to create an online presence. The next step is to connect with potential customers and get them into your ecosystem - or funnel. One of the best ways to do this is to nurture your audience using email marketing. 

In this episode of The Digital Dreamer, we'll give you the tools and explain the tech you need to create an offer that helps you connect with your audience.


Some Guidelines When Creating Your Free Offer:

  • Your offer should be consistent with your goals and message so it attracts your ideal customer. Said another way: you want QUALIFIED LEADS, not people  who want the free stuff but who will never be customers.
  • Your lead magnet should offer a solution  or solve a problem your audience is aware they have.
  • The offer should be something of value. You are asking someone to give you their email address (or maybe even a mobile number), and we all hate spam! So make sure it’s worth the effort to fill out a form and hand over their email address.
  • Your offer should move them through to the next step in the buyers' journey.  Think through the process of where you want them to go next. What is the path that builds trust shows them what it's like to work with you?

Some additional things you might want your lead magnet to do:

  • Educate
  • Address FAQs
  • Help them realize there’s a better way
  • Help them see a gap in their knowledge
  • Teach part of your process
  • Provide steps or an overview
  • Make your customer/audience's life easier

Your offer could be any of the following:

  • A demo, consultation, an assessment, coaching session

  • Ebook or guide or workbook

  • Templates

  • Recipes

  • Video training

  • Audio training (like a private or pop up podcast or a summit)

  • A course delivered over email

  • Challenge

  • Workbooks

  • Printables

  • To get on a waiting list

  • A newsletter

  • Free trial

  • A free training

  • Access to a Facebook Group

  • Cheatsheets or checklists


A technical overview:

You’ll need a way to collect names and manage your list. You could do this on a platform like Mail Chimp, Constant Contact, Kajabi, Wix, Hubspot, Convert Kit, or Active Campaign. 

You’ll need a form where the person enters their email address. And typically a form is hosted on a landing page, or a web page where there is information about the offer, a description of the benefits or transformation that will be delivered when you receive the freebie, and  maybe a bit about you to establish credibility.

And then once your potential customer enters their information, they are taken to a confirmation or Thank You page. 

Following that, you want to nurture that contact in an email sequence. And in the last episode, we talked about what some of those emails could look like. 

Dream Life Tip

Routines make it easier to life your dream life, and technology can make your morning and evening routines flow easily. Abby talked about the morning routine she has set up with her Amazon Alexa and smart lights. And Kim shared her ideas for an evening wind down routine using Alexa and Hue lights. You can get the link to Abby's Smart Home ideas on her Amazon Influencer page (which pays her a small commission, but does not increase the price you pay)

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